Officers and Directors


  • Bruce D. Broussard
  • William K. Fleming
  • Roy A. Beveridge, M.D.


  • Bruce D. Broussard


  • Roy A. Beveridge, M.D.

    Chief Medical Officer

  • Brian A. Kane

    Chief Financial Officer

  • Brian P. LeClaire, PhD

    Chief Information Officer

  • Vanessa M. Olson

    Senior Vice President, Chief Actuary

  • Donald Hank Robinson

    Senior Vice President, Tax

  • Joseph C. Ventura

    Senior Vice President, Associate General Counsel and Corporate Secretary

  • Cynthia H. Zipperle

    Senior Vice President, Chief Accounting Officer and Controller

  • Alan J. Bailey

    Vice President and Treasurer

  • Douglas A. Edwards

    Vice President

  • Sean J. O’Reilly

    Vice President, Chief Compliance Officer

  • William Mark Preston

    Vice President, Investments

  • Ralph M. Wilson

    Vice President

  • Susan L. Mateja

    Appointed Actuary