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(Note: We operate as Humana Behavioral Health Administrators in California and provide a separate version for providers there.)

Navigator (First Edition, 2017)

General Version (For All States Except CA)

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California Version

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In this Edition:

  • HBH and Humana Military Work Together to Provide Behavioral Health Services
  • Update Demographic Information Online
  • Quality Care Depends on Timely Access to Services
  • Complex Care Management (CCM) Available for Serious Diagnoses
  • Health Screening Programs Available for Health Plan Members
  • Look for an Updated Humana Behavioral Health Provider Manual
  • Claim Payment Inquiry Resolution Process Guide Available
  • Obtain Authorizations Through
  • Practitioners and Their Patients Benefit from Coordination of Care and Exchange of Information
  • Quality and Accreditation Notes 2016 Highlights and 2017 Opportunities
  • Quality Improvement Initiatives Focus on Clinical and Service Quality
  • Clinical Practice Guidelines Improve Health Outcomes
  • HEDIS Data Measure Performance and Quality
  • Visit Us on the Web

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