Humana Behavioral Health is dedicated to supporting providers' administrative needs and strives to reduce administrative expenses and improve operational efficiency.

Note: Claims for covered services submitted to Humana Behavioral Health or the payor identified by Humana Behavioral Health should be received within sixty (60) days of the date of service.

Submit Outpatient Claims Online

By using the Humana Behavioral Health Provider Portal to submit outpatient claims, you can save time, increase efficiency and find needed information at the click of a mouse.

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Submit Claims by Mail

    To Ensure Prompt Payment Follow These Steps:
  • Verify benefits, eligibility and deductibles by calling the mental health services number on the back of your client's insurance card. If the card does not contain a number, call 1-800-777-6330.
    • Submit the completed claims forms below ensuring the correct certification number, address or TIN are provided. Directions for completing these forms can be found in your provider manual:
    • Outpatient Billing Form: Standard CMS (formerly HCFA)
    • 1500 Inpatient Billing Form: CMS (formerly HCVA 1450/UB 04 form

Submit Claims to the Following Addresses:

All (Except EAP and Humana Claims)
Humana Behavioral Health
2101 W. John Carpenter Freeway, Suite 100
Irving, TX 75063 USA

EAP Claims (including Humana EAP claims)
Humana Behavioral Health
2101 W. John Carpenter Freeway, Suite 150
Irving, TX 75063 USA

Humana Claims
PO Box 14601
Lexington KY 40509

Claims Appeals

You may have the right to appeal Humana Behavioral Health's adverse claims denial. To file a claims appeal, please follow the appeal instructions attached to your Explanation of Payment.

If your Explanation of Payment instructs you to file your appeal with Humana Behavioral Health you may submit your appeal request in writing to the address listed below. Please include your reason for appeal and attach any mitigating information to support your request.

Humana Behavioral Health
Attn: Grievances and Appeals
2101 W. John Carpenter Freeway
Irving, TX 75063 USA


Additional Assistance
For additional questions regarding claims appeals please use the number listed on the client’s insurance card or 1-800-777-6330 extension 1520100.